Air and Missile Defense (AMD) External Interfaces (EI) Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Huntsville, AL |
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Position Description

Dynetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, is seeking an Air and Missile Defense External Interfaces Subject Matter Expert. The candidate hired will work as a member of the Army Project Office (PO) Systems Engineering Team to develop capabilities, designs, and algorithms and execute papers, studies, experiments, and demonstrations to improve IFMC’s usage of external data to become a mature consumer and producer within the Army and the Department of Defense. The EI SME will be a source of knowledge and guidance to the Agile software development teams. The position will include technical briefings and advisement to leadership on recommended courses of action, trade studies, architecture and design, competing capabilities, performance, risks, and impacts to the Integrated Fires Mission Command (IFMC) mission. The AMD EI SME’s measure of success is how well IFMC is using and fusing all sources of external data to effectively and efficiently improve defense effectiveness (DE), cooperative engagement (CE), composite tracking (CT), and Combat Identification (CID). The AMD EI SME’s secondary measure of success is do the Army and other services value the IFMC data placed into the Common Operating Picture (COP). The position in NOT one of interface certification, testing, or verification.

Basic Qualifications

-The candidate must have an understanding of cooperative engagement, composite tracking, and CID concepts, must be familiar with current IFMC’s available interfaces (e.g., BFT/JBC-P. Link16, IBS, Enhanced Update Rate), must have experience consuming and producing external interface data for an AMD mission, and must have architecture design, and algorithm development experience.

-The candidate must be familiar with known sources of AMD CID (e.g., IFF, ADS-B, Civilian Flight Plans, Air Tasking Orders, NCTR, and must be able to improve on existing algorithms and/or synthesize new algorithms to mature the IFMC’s DE, CE, CT, and CID capabilities.

-The candidate must be able to work directly with the Agile software developers as needed.

The candidate must:

· Be fluent in the Microsoft Office toolset

· Have a Bachelor’s degree (or advanced degree) from an accredited college (ABET preferred) in engineering, the sciences or mathematics,

· Have a minimum of 7 years combined Government/DoD experience in performing the essential duties listed above,

An additional plus is knowledge in IBCS, PATRIOT, MEADS, THAAD, C2BMC, or AEGIS. The ability to “move out” and champion your ideas, architectures, designs, algorithms; enthusiasm; independent critical thinking; and a team attitude are very important.

-Please note, as part of this government team you will be the design agent for IFMC: the prime contractor develops the code based upon YOUR government provided architectures, interfaces, designs, algorithms, and guidance.

-Candidate must be a resident of Huntsville, Alabama or be willing to relocate to the Huntsville, Alabama area. 

Other Qualifications

Security Requirements

Candidate must be a US Citizen and possess (as well as maintain) a Final Secret Clearance.

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